Do you want to join our team? Do you have some awesome new ideas, but no place to realise them? Are you ready to contribute to our activities?
Don't hesitate! Come to our open board meeting where we will select the board for next year. We will also answer all your questions and doubts!

Leave your emailadress below and we will send you an email with the location and time.

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Our board has several members. Their functions are described below. If one of them interests you, don't hesitate to come to our open board meeting!


The chair is the main responsible. He or she keeps track of what needs to be done and makes sure everything is done on time. He organises the meetings and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
The chair should be ambitious and have sufficient management skills to guide IEEE student branch Ghent to the future.


The job of the vice-chair is to support and help the chair. The vice-chair is often selected as the chair for next year. As such the vice-chair gets to know the responsibilities of the chair.
As vice-chair you should have similar skills as the chair.

Treasure & Secretary

He or she is responsible for the managment of finances and tracks all expenses and revenues. He or she is also responsible for the subsidies granted by the UGent. This person is reliable and punctual and closely cooperates with the Recruitment team since the jobfair is an important source of income.

PR & Social Media

This person breathes the spirit of IEEE, as PR & Social Media responsible, your goal is twofold:

  • You should create a strong bond of interaction with our community on social media by sharing interesting articles related to fields in which IEEE is active
  • You are responsible for advertising our upcoming events: you are not afraid to give speeches in front of large auditoria to the invite students for our events, he or she creates facebook events and distributes posters, takes pictures at events and places them on social media...
He or she should be enthousiastic and be able to recommend our activities to the public.

Web & Poster

The job of the webmaster is to give our website a fresh-looking and attractive appearance. Since our website is a hub for all activities related to IEEE (event subscriptions, membership applications, event anouncements), this person plays an indispensible role in assuring smooth daily operation of the IEEE Student Branch Gent.
He or she also supports the PR&Social media responsible by designing the posters for upcoming events.
Some experience with websites or design software is a plus.

Internal Affairs

He or she is responsible for the practical internal functioning of IEEE, this is a key element in the success of our activities.
Your tasks include: doing the necessary purchases, make reservations, make sure everything is present for every event...
You work in very close cooperation with the chair and vice-chair this emphasizes the importance of this role.
The internal affairs responsilbe should have excellent organisatory and management skills.


The recruitment team contacts companies for the EMECS event and arranges everything together with the responsibles from the co-organizing student organizations PKarus en Ceneka.
As part of the recruitment team you make contact with a lot of companies. Good communication skills are necessary.


The IEEE Student Branch Gent wants to unite students that share the passion for technology. We give students the opportunity to work on their very own project. In previous years, we successfully transformed 2 petrol karts to electric ones reaching topspeeds of over 70 km/h with unprecedented acceleration.
Next academic year we plan to build a racecar from scratch and participate in international contests. Do you want to join the team of like-minded technology students on their way to victory on this international contest then certainly leave you email adress here.
Since it is a new project, you have the unique opportunity to take up a leading role in designing, building and finally testing your own racecar!


If you want to get to know the IEEE board better before taking up the responsability of one of the positions described hereabove, you can become a contributor and support the other board members by setting up of the necessary material, tending the bar, doing the clean-up afterwards,... For your effort you will be rewarded with a free IEEE membership worth 25EUR and an IEEE hoodie and polo.