ComTech for Drones

When will drones start invading the sky? And even more interesting than the timing, is the question on how they will do it!
This seminar brings together the industrial, research and privacy actors in the field of drones and communication technology.
It is co-organized by the IEEE Student Branch Ghent and FITCE

Besides the very interesting seminar you can also win a pocket drone!
One pocket drone will be given away among those registered on the website and one among those who are present.

Afterwards you can join us at the reception!


Three speakers:
  • Manager of EUKA international

    EUKA is the European drone cluster aknowledged by the flemish government. This industrial cluster is striving to lift the drone industry to a higher level. He will discuss the appliciations of drones in the industry now and in the future.
  • VRT (Flemish radio and television)

    How can drones be used for broadcasting?
  • Researcher from UGent (IDLAB) - IMEC

    Discusses relevant and present-day research topics


19h30 on Tuesday March 6th


Auditorium Jozef Plateau in the Plateaubuilding (Plateaustraat 22)- Ghent


You can register down here, so we can have an idea how many people will be at the reception.

Unlimited slots left.
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