Becoming an IEEE member

You can join IEEE by subscribing on the official website. Everyone who subscribes at IEEE, automatically becomes a member of the IEEE Student Branch Gent. Student Membership has a one year subscription fee of $27. Since a credit-card is required to fulfil the membership, we provide you with the service of subscribing on the IEEE website through the IEEE Student Branch Gent for a fee of just € 10 (or €15 if you want the IEEE Spectrum magazine on paper).

Apply for an IEEE Student Membership

Member advantages

Why would you want to become a member of IEEE? Read the benefits of IEEE Membership below!

IEEE Membership = IEEE Student Branch Membership

As an IEEE member you automatically are a member of the IEEE Student Branch Gent. This means that on every IEEE Student Branch activity you get a discount on the entry fee (if any) and often you can drink for free. If you participate in a couple of our activities you'll earn your membership price back.

Keeping Technically Current

The main purpose of IEEE is to update its members with the latest developments in science and technology. You receive this in the form of:

  • IEEE Spectrum magazine: this monthly magazine informs you about the latest technologies in a journalistic way. The magazine has a very high quality. We have a separate option to receive this magazine in print version at home instead of digitally.
  • e-Book Classics: you gain access to more than 250 technological e-books about various topics in science and technology. Most of these e-books are Wiley-IEEE published and are downloadable through IEEEXplore.
  • IEEE Potentials Magazine: this digital magazine explores career strategies for graduate students and is accessible through IEEEXplore.

Career resources and recognition

As a student the next phase of your professional career is right around the corner. IEEE Membership gives many advantages in order to boost your career:

  • IEEE ResumeLab: IEEE ResumeLab is a career management platform for IEEE-members and contains several tools to create an optimal professional profile. Go to our IEEE ResumeLab-page and learn how you can improve your skills.
  • IEEE student competitions: by participating in a student competition you show your future employer what you are worth. The result of a participation in an IEEE student competition is a renowned entry on your CV. An example is the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition in which the IEEE Student Branch Gent supports any participating students.
  • Student paper contests: as an IEEE Student Member you can submit a paper you have written and apply for several prizes. Besides money prizes, you may be selected to present your paper on an international IEEE conference.
  • GoogleApps@IEEE: this service provides you with several Google applications as an IEEE member: a unique, 30GB of shared storage on Google Drive, etc.
  • IEEE memberNet - The IEEE Member Directory Online: contact other valuable IEEE members through this networking website.


Last but not least, you receive several discounts to services.

  • Dell Employee Purchase Program (EPP): you receive discounts on purchasing Dell products. (2% up to €699, 5% up to €1599 and 8% up to €1600 as of September 2013)
  • Discounts on IEEE publications: some exclusive publications can only be accessed through payment.
  • IEEE Vacation center: you receive discounts when travelling.
  • IEEE Merchandising: you receive discounts on IEEE Merchandising.
  • Microsoft Software Offer for IEEE Student Members: you can use Microsoft development software, which includes: Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, Expression Web Designer, Project Professional 2010, Visio Professional 2010, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Vista Business Edition, Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows XP Professional and more.
  • Mozy Online Backup and Storage: you receive an 18% discount when applying for a Mozy account used for on line back upping your files.
  • Wiley Press discounts: you receive a 25% discount when purchasing Wiley publications outside the e-Book Classics range.

Visit the official IEEE website for an up to date overview of your IEEE Membership benefits.