You know code? You know mobile? You know IEEE? Well, let's see what you got!

We invite you to participate in this great new IEEE programming contest. It is the goal of this contest to provide IEEE members (and non-members) through the world with great mobile applications. We encourage you to build any kind of application that will benefit IEEE, scientific, technical or educational community in general.

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eKart mechanical construction evening

The first practical eKart evening will be on Thursday the 28th of November. All interested students can help constructing a safety guard for the belt-drive and the chopper. This will make the eKart much safer and more robust.

Join us at 19h00 at the EELAB lab Technicum +3 and sign up for this event below!

See you there!

Unlimited slots left.

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Student Paper Contest 2014

As you may know, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an organisation focussed on stimulating research and innovation. Many research papers are published on IEEEXplore and IEEE organises many conferences to present new inventions. But not only doctoral students and researchers are driving the world of tomorrow. Also students can!

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IEEE Movie night: Gravity

Are you in for a movie?


What movie suits engineers better than one in space? With IEEE you can go see Gravity.

-9 slots left.

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eKart introductory evening

Want to know how the theory you learn is applied in practice? Want to take part in an amazing project? Learn more about the eKart project by the IEEE Student Branch Gent!

0 slots left.

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IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 7.0

Are you ready to take the challenge? Participate in the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 7.0 and gain eternal fame and glory!

This international competition is a 24h programming challenge in teams of a maximum of three students. The competition starts on Saturday the 26th of October and ends on Sunday the 27th of October. We provide you with the desired food and drinks, a place to sleep, and internet

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Soft-skill survival kit for engineers

So you thought technical skills make you a successful engineer? While technical skills are learned at university, equally important soft skills are not. Do not miss this exclusive chance to know which other traits you need to have in order to be successful in your future career.

We have invited Sean Rul, McKinsey consultant and Ghent alumnus, to talk about the soft skills engineers need in their professional career. Specifically, the speaker will talk about:

  • Tips and tricks for time management
  • Learning to work with different types of people
  • Communicating a (difficult) message
The lecture will take place on Wednesday the 30th of October at 19h in Aud. B, Plateau.

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IEEE Kinect Competition & The Human Eye version 2.0

Do you have the moves to become an engineer? Come over and find it out at the IEEE opening activity. We invite you to join us for a fun and interesting evening.

Caeleste, an expert in high-end, high performance image sensors will reveal to us their latest project in an engaging presentation. Be prepared to meet version 2.0 of the human eye!

Join our XBox Kinect competition and experience the state-of-the-art camera technology for yourself!

Meet us on wednesday october 9th at 19u30 in EELAB, Technicum +2 and best of luck in competing for the first prize!

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Happy IEEE day!
Each year on the first of October we celebrate IEEE day to commemorate the first time IEEE members met in 1884 in New York to share ideas about technology.

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